Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

After Apple iPhones, Samsung phones are the second most popular smartphones in the USA. Samsung is massive globally too. But is there any Samsung phone made in the USA?

The simple answer is a No. There are no Samsung smartphones manufactured in the United States of America. There are no Apple iPhones made in the USA either. They are manufactured in China and India.

As a matter of fact, there are no major smartphone brands producing any of their devices here in the US.

Where are Samsung phones made?

Samsung manufactures most of its phone models in Vietnam. Some other production happens in India, Indonesia, and its home country, South Korea. In addition to these, the company also has outsourced the production of some models to manufacturing outfits based in China.

As at 2019, Samsung had cell phone production capacity in Brazil, but it isn’t clear whether that is still running.

In all, as at 2021, Samsung phones are made in Vietnam, China, India, Indonesia, and South Korea.

The company does not have any manufacturing operations in North A.erica, Europe, or Africa.