Cheapest eSIM Phone in 2023

An eSIM phone is a phone that has an eSIM, which stands for embedded subscriber identity module. An eSIM is a digital version of the SIM card that you use to connect your phone to your network provider. It is a chip inside your phone that can be reprogrammed to suit whatever network you want to use1.

The technology works by allowing you to download an eSIM profile from your network provider, either by using an app or scanning a QR code. You can then activate the eSIM and start using it immediately, without needing to insert or remove a physical SIM card. You can also store more than one eSIM profile on your phone and switch between them as you wish.

Which are the cheapest eSIM phones in 2023?

Advantages of eSIM phones

Some of the benefits of eSIM phones are:

  • Convenience: You don’t have to go to a store or wait for a SIM card to be sent to you when you want to change network. You can also easily switch networks when you travel abroad, without paying roaming fees or buying a local SIM card.
  • Flexibility: You can use two different numbers on the same device, such as one for personal use and one for work. You can
  • Connectivity: You can use an eSIM to add cellular connectivity to devices that don’t have a SIM card slot, such as smartwatches, tablets, laptops, and IoT devices. You can also share the same data plan across multiple devices.
  • Security: You don’t have to worry about losing or damaging your SIM card, or someone stealing it and accessing your personal information. You can also remotely erase or lock your eSIM if your phone is lost or stolen.

Disadvantages of eSIM phones

Some of the challenges of eSIM phones are:

  • Compatibility: Not all carriers support eSIM, and not all phones have eSIM capability. You may need to check with your provider and device manufacturer before you can use eSIM.
  • Availability: eSIM is still a relatively new technology, and it may not be widely available in some regions or countries. You may also face some technical issues or glitches when using eSIM.
  • Cost: Some network providers may charge extra fees for using eSIM, or offer limited plans or options for eSIM users. You may also need to pay more for an eSIM-capable phone than a regular phone.

Adoption of eSIM phones

Some of the factors that affect the adoption of eSIM are:

Some of the predictions for the future of eSIM-capable smartphones are:

Smartphones will remain the key growth driver, accounting for over half of eSIM shipments.

The launch of 5G devices with eSIM technology will boost the demand for eSIM-enabled smartphones.

The commercialisation of eSIM service for smartphones and smartwatches will increase the customer choice and convenience.

The use of eSIM for connected vehicles, international roaming, and IoT devices will create new opportunities and challenges for the telecom industry.

The work and alignment on global specifications, such as ieUICC, will enable more interoperability and security for eSIM users.

The cheapest Android eSIM phones

eSIam technology is still mostly a premium technology, meaning that it is found only in high-end smartphones. As such, if you want the cheapest eSIM phones you can buy, you might have to consider older flagship devices from up to five years ago. Here are some of them:

  • Google Pixel 3 Series (3a, 3a XL, 3 XL) – These phones have an eSIM and cost from $150 to $400. They have good cameras, processors, and Android updates.
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE – This phone has an eSIM and costs from $300 to $550. It has an 8-core processor and 6 GB of RAM.

These are some of the options for cheap Android eSIM phones. However, you might want the cheapest eSIM Android phone that is up to date, i.e. released in 2022 or 2023. Here are a few:

  • Google Pixel 7,
  • Samsung Galaxy A54,
  • Nokia X30 5G,
  • Nokia G60 5G,
  • Google Pixel 6a.
  • Motorola Moto G 2023
  • TCL 40 XL

The cheapest eSIM iPhone

If you want an iPhone with an eSIM, you can also consider the iPhone XR, which costs from $300 to $1000. It has an improved processor and camera compared to previous models.

More recent affordable eSIM iPhones are the

  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone SE 2022.

Of course, these newer models cost more than the iPhone XR. Have a look at how to activate eSIM on your iPhone.

The cheapest eSIM phone: Verdict

If you can find one, Google Pixel 3a (released in 2019) is the cheapest eSIM phones you can buy today. It is still available from a number of retail websites. You can pick one up from Amazon for just $140. That is a sweet price to start your adventures with eSIM technology.