Where Are Motorola Phones Made or Manufactured?

Motorola phones, once a celebrated part of the Motorola Corporation, initiated the era of mobile phones and were recognized for years as the leading brand globally. Rooted in an American technology powerhouse headquartered within the US, they heralded significant advancements in the mobile industry. When Motorola Inc. bifurcated into two separate entities, Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions, in January 2011, their impact and influence on the market was certainly noteworthy. Their current reputation and appeal among customers further underlines their enduring relevance in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Motorola Solutions, keeping its US roots intact, is carrying forward the legacy of the former Motorola Inc. This entity continues to produce a broad range of telecommunications equipment, thus maintaining its longstanding reputation in the industry. Concurrently, Motorola Mobility was bought by Google in 2012, which preserved the manufacturing of Motorola phones under the same beloved brand, marking a significant point in Motorola's timeline.

Despite continuous efforts, Google was unable to drive the anticipated growth for the cell phone business, resulting in the sale of the Motorola Mobility division to Lenovo, a leading Chinese technology firm. This transition marked a significant shift from American to Chinese stewardship for Motorola phones. Until now, Motorola phones continue to thrive under Lenovo's umbrella, presenting a new chapter in the brand's evolution with potential ramifications on its reputation and future growth.

Where Are Motorola Phones Made?
Where are Motorola phones made?

Where Are Motorola Phones Made Or Manufactured?

Post-acquisition by Lenovo, Motorola Mobility proceeded to shut down its US manufacturing stronghold in Texas, thus repositioning all its manufacturing towards foreign shores, specifically China and Brazil. Recently, Motorola has also branched out by inaugurating a manufacturing hub in India. However, even though Motorola Mobility sustains its corporate presence in the US, the manufacturing reins lie elsewhere.

Now you can answer the question, Where are Motorola phones made in 2023? They are produced in multiple countries, namely:

  1. China
  2. India
  3. Brazil

India is the newest location where Motorola phones are made, but it has increased manufacturing capacity tremendously in the last few years and is now the world’s second largest manufacturing country for cell phones after China.

Are Motorola Cell Phones Made In The USA?

Since 2014, the manufacture of Motorola phones has been relocated from the USA. While Motorola currently stands as the third-largest smartphone shipper in the United States, trailing only Apple and Samsung, its production centers are now internationally based. This shift signifies an end to the era of Motorola cell phones being made in the USA and heralds a new chapter of overseas manufacturing.

The Top Markets For Motorola Phones: Where Do They Sell The Most?

From the section above, we already stated that Motorola is a leading phone brand in the USA, currently holding the third place there. While the brand is no longer as popular as it used to be decades ago, Motorola has managed to retain a strong hold in a few markets around the world.

The top three markets for Motorola phones globally are the United States, Brazil, and India. These are the countries where Moto phones sell the most and where the Motorola brand is a leading brand.

Apart from those top three countries, other countries where Motorola phones are sold include the UK, France, Germany, China, and parts of Latin America and Asia. The company no longer sells in Africa which it exited about ten years ago.