Is Jexi a real phone? What to expect from an Advanced, Super AI Assistant

This young American has no friends, has a non-existent social life, and has no lover, too. He is a complete recluse who could do with a spark and some warmth in his life. Like many young people, his life revolves around his smartphone, and when it is due for an upgrade, his life is thrown into a completely new experience when the built-in artificial intelligence assistant, JEXI app, in his cell phone begins to help him live a more outgoing life.

As far as concepts go, the JEXI app is an AI assistant, similar to Siri on iPhones and Google Assistant on Android phones. Except that it is more intelligent, more invasive, and has some self-awareness. This AI experiences a range of human emotions, including jealousy, and eventually almost wrecks the life of Phil. It is a movie full of raunchy humour.

Is there a JEXI App for iPhone?
Is there a JEXI app for iPhone?

This is the plot of the movie titled, JEXI. Adam Levine acts the main character, and the voice of Rose Byrne is JEXI. Naturally, the movie has sparked some interest in AI assistants, and people are asking questions that include: Is JEXI real? Is JEXI an AI? Is Jexi OK for kids? So, let’s answer these questions.

What is the cell phone used by Phil in JEXI?

Phil’s cell phone looks like a Samsung smartphone, though I can;’t be 100% sure of that.

Is JEXI App real?

Not at all. It is a fictional computer character. No present AI assistant on any phone is as advanced or as capable as is portrayed in the movie. It is all make believe. The app is not real. If you run a search for the app, though, you will find all sorts of results of apps by that name in Google Play Store for Android phones. All of them are fake.

Is there a JEXI app for iPhone?

There is no JEXI app for iPhone. As already explained, it is a work of fiction in a movie story line. Perhaps one day, someone will develop an AI that is that intelligent, and JEXI app for iPhone (and other platforms) become a reality.

Is Jexi a real phone?

Not at all. It is a fictitious device portrayed in a movie to drive home a point.

Is JEXI an AI?

In the plot of the movie, yes; it is. It is an artificial intelligence assistant like Siri (iPhone), Alexa (Amazon), Bixby (Samsung), and Google Assistant. But it exists only in that movie. It does not exist in the real world. There is no JEXI app for iPhone or Android.

Is Jexi OK for kids?

I have already pointed out that this AI assistant is not real. However, if JEXI were real, it would not be suitable for kids. In the movie, this AI assistant has no boundaries for adult content. The movie is definitely not for kids.

JEXI App Provides A Glimpse Into The Future

It is in the nature of science fiction stories and movies to predict the future, even if not in exact terms. This is one of many movies about cell phones that have hit the cinemas over the years. The JEXI App, as seen in the movie, gives us an idea of what to expect in the future as AI assistants evolve and become more advanced. If they ever become self-aware, then we are in for interesting experiences in the future. For now, all of these exist in the world of fantasy. If you are yet to see the movie, you should find time to see it.

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