Mon. Jun 10th, 2024

Samsung fans in the United States are constantly eagerly looking out for the next Samsung smartphone model to be released each year. You are likely eyeing the Galaxy S23, S23+, or S23 Ultra 5G. Or perhaps the Fold4, or Flip4 foldable devices. Samsung has made it easier for you to get the next device you want through the Samsung Upgrade Program.

Is Samsung Upgrade Program worth it?
Is Samsung Upgrade Program worth it?

What is Samsung Upgrade Program? It is a service that lets you return your old Samsung phone at a discounted price and pick up the new model that you desire. That is the summary of things, but we know that the devil is in the details. In the paragraphs below, we spell out all the little details that you need to be aware of to use the Samsung Upgrade Program.

How Does The Samsung Upgrade Program Work?

The Samsung Upgrade Program lets you buy a new eligible Samsung smartphone device on an instalment payment. You turn in your current Samsung smartphone to get up to 50% of the price you paid for it. This is then applied to the offset part of the cost of the new phone you want, so you pay the balance.

Note that your current smartphone that you want to return must be in good condition: it must have no cracks or breakages, power on, does not shut down or reboot at random, and is not on any blacklist. As such, if you are interested in this upgrade program, endeavour to keep your phone in excellent condition.

Can You Upgrade Any Samsung Phone?

Can you return any Samsung phone to pick up a new one? Unfortunately, you cannot. The Samsung Upgrade Program is restricted to a list of eligible phone models. If your phone is eligible, you will be able to upgrade it. Eligible models always include premium flagship phones, so if you want the latest Galaxy S, Galaxy Fold, or Galaxy Flip device, you are covered. You can confirm the list of eligible devices from Samsung’s website or from the Samsung website or the nearest Samsung store.

How To Access Samsung Upgrade Program In The USA

To upgrade, your current Samsung smartphone that you want to trade in must be in good shape. Also, here in the United States, you need to have used it for 12 months. The upgrade program runs on a 12-month cycle and works via Samsung Financing, and so your Financing Account must be open and in good standing.

An online portal is available to access your Samsung Financing Account. Simply log into your Samsung Account to check your device eligibility and select the eligible device you want to upgrade. Check to make sure your upgrade eligible phone is in good condition, follow the steps to purchase a new device with your Samsung Financing Account. Send your old upgrade eligible device back to Samsung in good condition to receive a credit applied to your Samsung Financing Account, up to a maximum of fifty percent (50%) of the Financed Amount.

What To Do Before You Return Your Old Phone

You have to factory reset your current device before submitting it. This will wipe it completely of any data or settings on it. As such, where possible, make sure that your data and settings are backed up somewhere, so you can restore them on the new device. You can do some backup to your Google account, or use your Samsung account, or use a 3rd party phone backup service for this.

Should You Include The Accessories When You Return The Old Phone?

Samsung’s official website says that you do not need to include the accessories, but do check with your local Samsung representative or store to confirm. This condition may change.

Is Samsung Upgrade Program Worth It? Is It A Good Deal?

If you like to get the latest Samsung smartphone when released each year, without shelling out the full cost of the phone, you should definitely consider taking advantage of the program. The Samsung Upgrade Program is a beautiful and cost-saving loyalty scheme that Samsung has in place for lovers of its brand. If you are a Samsung fan, you should definitely consider taking advantage of it for getting your next Samsung phone.