How to Make Android Phones Work Faster

Most people wish they could make their Android phones work faster. It doesn’t matter if you’re using an old gadget from a few years ago or one of the newest Android phones; it does not matter if you are using a Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Moto, OnePlus, or Google Pixel – more speed is always preferable.

Different people have different ideas about what to do to make Android phones work faster.  Sadly, not all of them are effective. This is why we’ve created this guide, to show you genuine, tested-and-proven ways to make Android phones work faster.  

How to Make Android Phones Work Faster

How Do I Make Android Phones Work Faster?

If increasing performance and speed are important to you, maintaining Android’s default apps and settings might not be the best choice. Your cell phone might operate better if you make a few tweaks and keep it clean of junk.

We’ve described below some of the helpful actions you can take to make Android phones faster:

Clean up your Home Screen

Keeping the home screen simple can help to make Android phones work faster, especially if it has a lesser CPU or less RAM. Widgets and live wallpaper both consume resources, and the latter may even update continuously in the background.

The “home screen redraw” is where you’ll most likely notice their effects. With RAM-heavy apps, it’s normal to see a completely blank home screen and experience a waiting period after exiting. This is because such apps use up a lot of RAM, so there’ll be random waiting periods before all your app icons, widget and wallpaper reload.  

To prevent this, keep your home screens as neat and uncluttered as possible. This will make Android phones work faster.

Uninstall Bad or Resource-Heavy Apps

Bad apps are frequently the blame if you’re experiencing slowness on your Android cell phone. Also, it’s not always the smaller apps. Common offenders in this regard are usually those with some of the biggest names.

On Android, Snapchat is infamous for being sluggish, whereas removing Facebook is supposed to speed up your phone by up to 15%. Instead, consider using a different Facebook app. The main Google applications also come in memory-saving, quicker lightweight versions. After uninstalling such apps, you’ll notice that it will make Android phones work faster.

Update your Device and Apps Regularly

Another way to make Android phones work faster is by installing regular updates. Every new version of Android brings performance enhancements over the previous one, so you should always apply updates if they are available for your phone. Of course, not every manufacturer updates their cell phones, so keep that in mind the next time you decide to upgrade your device.

Apps are not exempted from this rule. To obtain the most recent updates as soon as resource- and battery-hungry bugs in an app are resolved, it’s good to enable automatic updates in the Play Store. To configure it, go to Settings > Auto-update apps.

Restrict App Auto-syncing

Many different categories of apps, including social, news, weather, and many others, are enabled to automatically sync. They typically log in every 15 minutes or so. Your cell phone will start to experience performance issues if you install too many of these apps.

Create a longer schedule with once or twice each day after checking the sync times for each app. Alternatively, you may simply disable syncing and update them manually. Doing this will bring a difference and make Android phones work faster.

Get Rid of Antivirus Software

Android users, in most cases, don’t need antivirus software, despite its promise to provide them with respite from malware. Your cell phone runs more slowly due to the presence of antivirus software, and the battery life is reduced. 

You’ll most likely not need an antivirus app if you just download apps from reputable stores like the Play Store or Amazon Appstore. Downloading apps this way means you’re quite unlikely to come across viruses. So, if you have antivirus software installed, consider letting go of it to make Android phones work faster. Contrary to popular thinking, an antivirus app is not necessary; just stick to Google Play Store for all your app downloads.

In summary, you’ll get the best possible user experience when you know how to make Android phones work faster. Pay attention to all the tips and suggestions we’ve provided in this guide.