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Cell phones have become a necessity in our day to day life as a lot of things can be done on our phones. There are some essential cell phone accessories that make the user experience more enjoyable. To avoid any mix ups, smartphones and feature phones (or dumb phones) are all categorized under cell phones.

What are cell or mobile phone accessories? Cell phone accessories include any hardware that is not built into a mobile phone but is designed to attach to, hold or house, support, or connect to a mobile phone, to enhance its operations, protect it, or add additional functionality to it. Let’s look at some of the best cell phone accessories that everyone might need.

Essential Cell Phone Accessories - A Guide to Mobile Accessories (2022)

Best Cell Phone Accessories: Phone Case

When we buy phones, whether expensive or not, we are quite careful because we don’t want them broken. Some people may not like phone cases because they hide the beauty of their phones but if you want your phone in good condition then it can’t be helped. A phone case is an accessory that can ease your mind when it comes to the safety of your phone.There are different types of cases, based on your preference e.g durability, style, simplicity and capacity.

Best Cell Phone Accessories: Screen Protector

This is very essential for your Cell phone especially if you are a bit clumsy. I know a lot of people would agree with me when I say that when a phone screen cracks, the phone is never the same as it was. To prevent or reduce the chances of cracking your phone screen, it would be a wise decision to purchase a screen protector. There are also different types of screen protectors for example there are privacy screen protectors that prevent prying eyes from seeing your phone screen.

Best Cell Phone Accessories: Portable Battery Or Power Bank

Another accessory on this list is a power bank. A lot of Cell phones nowadays do have good battery power but you can never go wrong with a portable charger. There might be some days where your phone battery might drain because of excessive use and a power bank will be a real lifesaver.  At least with a power bank you know that at any moment you don’t have to worry about a low battery ever again.

Best Cell Phone Accessories: Audio Headphones

 Some Cell phones do come with earphones which are very handy. If your phone however doesn’t come with earphones then purchasing Headphones or Earphones would be a wise decision. Headphones are useful when making  calls at work or in public or watching your favourite TV shows or movies, and listening to music without disturbing others near you. There are wireless and wired headphones so the decision is based on your preference.

Best Cell Phone Accessories: Extra Chargers

Chargers are essential mobile accessories, because it’s quite handy to have a few in case anything happens to your main one. Even when you are going out, instead of unplugging your main charger, you can carry your extra charger around and find places to charge your phone. If your smartphone supports fast charge, make sure you get a spare charger that is compatible.

By Dun