Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Server locations can affect your internet speed, surfing experience, and the level of protection you actually get. This is why it’s important to select the best VPN server location when picking or setting up your Virtual Private Network.  

However, it can be quite a challenge to identify server locations that you can securely connect to while using a VPN. This is especially when you consider the decline of data privacy regulations and the limitations to internet freedom in some countries.

Best VPN Server Locations

In this guide, we show you the best  VPN server locations to connect to whenever you need to use a VPN. These countries have particular features that make them the best VPN server locations, so keep reading to find out.

What Countries are the Best VPN Server Locations?

There are certain characteristics that can make a country qualify as one of the best VPN server locations. Among these characteristics are strong data protection regulations, first-rate infrastructure, and a lack of an intention to restrict users’ access to material. Such countries will typically not keep an eye on your online actions and aren’t a part of any coalitions that share intelligence. The following are the top countries with the best VPN server locations based on the parameters we’ve described above.


Switzerland is frequently praised as the bedrock of information security. Better than any other nation in the world, Switzerland has strict privacy rules. These rules mandate that organizations obtain users’ consent before storing or processing their personal data. Without the users’ permission, all data collection is illegal and subject to heavy fines.

Additionally, the country is exempt from sharing user information with intelligence agencies because it is not a member of the five-, nine-, or 14-eyes alliances. In Switzerland, you are free to download and view any content as long as you are not seeking financial gain. Swiss server locations are therefore the most secure for torrenting. Besides protecting privacy, the nation also has cutting-edge internet infrastructure that ensures fast mobile and fixed broadband. 

Considering these factors, Switzerland ranks top among the best VPN server locations, so it should be your first choice when using a  VPN. VPNs based in Switzerland include ProtonVPN, Perfect Privacy VPN, and VyprVPN, so feel free to try any of them if you’re looking for the best VPN server locations.


Online users in Panama are protected by a number of regulations. The Data Protection Law and Law No. 81, which are both supplements, govern the protection of personal data and prevent businesses from collecting data without permission.

Panama also has no rules requiring the retention of data, which makes it a suitable location for zero-logs VPNs. You can safely connect to a VPN server in Panama without being concerned that your data will fall into the wrong hands because VPN companies are not required to keep logs.

However, we advise you to consider other options if you’re looking for a location that allows torrenting. Copyright content-sharing is prohibited in Panama and is punishable by penalties and legal action.

Still, Panama ranks high among the best VPN server locations. A popular VPN service based in Panama is NordVPN, so this is a great option if you’re seeking one of the best VPN server locations.

British Virgin Islands (BVI)

For consumers who value their privacy, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is one of the best VPN server locations to connect to. Even though it is a British Overseas Territory, the BVI has its own laws and legal system. The Data Protection Act, passed in 2021, mandates that businesses obtain users’ consent before processing personal data.

BVI is not a member of any international data-sharing alliances like the UK because it lacks a foreign intelligence service. Additionally, there are no data retention regulations in the nation, therefore VPN services there are not obligated to keep logs.

Express VPN is a popular VPN service based in the BVI, so as a privacy-concerned user, you’ll find that this is a good option to try out.

Summarily, surfing the internet with the guarantee of privacy protection is very important for many users. If this sounds like you, you’ll benefit a lot from this guide. Feel free to take a cue from our suggestions and enjoy the best internet experience by connecting to one of the VPN server locations we’ve recommended in this guide. Should you have trouble with blocked virtual private network servers, see How to bypass VPN blocking.