What Is ##62# Used For On Android? Meaning, Uses Explained

USSD codes are communication protocols used to perform various tasks, such as displaying the IMEI, changing your SIM PIN, displaying carrier information, and checking your billing summary on your cell phone. They consist of a mixture of asterisk, numbers, and hash characters e.g. *#21#.

The way to use a USSD code is to type it in your phone dialer the way you would a phone number and then tap the Call button. In this article, we are examining what the ##62# code is used for.

What Is ##62# used for?

What is ##62# used for?

Different people have made different assumptions and conclusions as to what this code does. However, ##62# is a USSD shortcode that erases any forwarding that exists on your mobile number. These include call forwarding and SMS forwarding.

What happens when you dial the ##62# code?

When you dial this particular USSD code, your cell phone will display a message saying that your call forwarding has been erased. Below is a screenshot of such a message.

Call forwarding erased message

Even if call forwarding was not active on your cell phone, you will still get this message when you dial ##62#. Dialing this code is a good way to make sure that your calls and messages are not being forwarded to any other number, especially if you are not sure. Just dial the code and any existing forwarding will be deleted or erased.

How to check if you have call forwarding active

To confirm whether you have any type of call and SMS forwarding currently active on your line, simply dial a slightly different short code: *#62#. Your phone will display a list of all possible forwardings and specify whether or not each is active. You can read up some more about the *#62# short code here.

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