What Does Dialing ##21# On Android Do?

Perhaps like many other phone users, you have seen one or more messages about how the ##21# code is used to find out if someone is monitoring your cell phone. The claim is that when you type either of these two codes on your Samsung phone, or other Android phone, if it displays that a list of features are enabled, that is proof that your phone has been tapped.

In some of these messages, users are told to discard their phones after this test returns positive. But is this claim true? At all. This claim is a hoax. Dialing this USSD code on any type of cell phone does not tell you whether your phone has been tapped or not.

What does ##21# do?

What the ##21# code does on your phone

The question on your mind now must be, “What does the ##21# code do?” That specific code erases any forwarding on your line.

When you dial this code on an Android phone, it deletes any call diverts or forwarding on your mobile number. That is it. That is what it does.

What is the meaning of the ##21# code?

When you dial ##21# on your phone, what it does is erase all your call forwarding. If you have been looking for a way to disable or wipe out any existing call forwarding on your line, this is the code to dial.

How to disable call forwarding on your phone

If you find (or even suspect) that call forwarding is enabled in some way on your line, there is no need to fret or worry. There is an easy way to delete it. You can do that by dialling ##21# or ##002# on your phone. Please do not dispose of your phone because a hoax says to.

Key takeaways from this article

The key thing you should remember from this article is that dialing ##21# on your Android phone does not reveal whether your phone has been wiretapped, hacked, or bugged. What it does is delete any call forwarding that exists on your line.

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