How to use Bixby Text Call on your Samsung Phone

Now, you can answer an incoming call and have a conversation entirely by text. Here is how you can use Bixby text call on your Samsung smartphone to do that. This is a new feature that Samsung announced some months ago. Yes, you won’t have to do any talking; you type your responses and your Samsung phone reads it out to the caller.

That sounds fascinating, if you think about it, and I am certain that someone like Mister Mobility will love it. He is not a lover of telephone calls and prefers to text instead. A feature like Bixby Text Call will allow him have a telephone conversation without holding the phone to his ear (or using an earpiece) and talking.

Apart from being a Godsend to people who do not enjoy telephone conversations, it also sounds like something that busy people will find useful. If you have your hands full and cannot afford to talk when a call comes in, simply use Bixby Text Call (if you are using one of the supported Samsung phones; see the section at the bottom of this article for the full list).

And perhaps the most vital angle to being able to have a telephone conversation entirely by text is the privacy that it affords you if you have people around you but need to discuss sensitive issues on a call and cannot to afford to let anyone within earshot have any idea of what you are discussing.

Here is how to go about using Bixby Text Call on your Samsung phone.

How to Enable Bixby Text Call on your Samsung phone 

To be able to use this feature on your phone, you have to enable it first, as it isn’t enabled by default.

  1. Open the “Phone” app on your Samsung smartphone.
  2. Look for the “More Options” menu, usually represented by three dots ( … ). Tap on this icon to unveil additional options.
  3. From the More Options, select “Settings.”
  4. Within the Settings menu, locate and choose the “Bixby Text Call” option.
  5. Once you’ve turned on the Bixby Text Call feature, you can customize it as you see fit. bixby
  6. To customize the voice in the Bixby Text Call feature, look for the voice settings within the Bixby Text Call menu.
  7. You can also add new quick responses to make your interactions more efficient. Explore the menu for adding new responsesbixby
  8. If you want to modify or edit existing quick responses, find the option to edit responses in the same menu. 

How to use Bixby Text Call

Having enabled the feature, you can now use it freely. For now, it works only for incoming calls. Here are the instructions to follow:

  1. When you receive an incoming call, you will notice the Bixby text call option displayed on the screen.bixby text call
  2. To use the feature, tap on the Bixby text call option.
  3. After tapping, a new screen will appear. On this screen, look for a green-coloured icon.
  4. Swipe up on this icon to initiate the Bixby text call.
  5. Bixby will notify the caller that you’re using an automated voice. It will then ask the caller to identify themselves and state the purpose of their call. bixby call
  6. As the conversation unfolds, you’ll see a transcription of the conversation displayed on the screen. This allows you to read what the caller is saying.
  7. You can select a quick response from predefined options or compose your own response.

Can you switch from a text call to a regular voice call?

If at any point during a Bixby Text Call on your Samsung phone, you want to switch to a normal telephone voice call, you can do that. You will find the “voice call” option located at the top of the screen. Tap on it and the app will switch you to regular voice call mode.

Why does Bixby text call not work?

The text call feature works for regular telephone calls for now, so if you are using Wi-Fi calling, you will need to disable it to use Bixby Text Call. Here is how to go about it:

  1. Navigate to and open the Phone app,
  2. Tap More options (the three vertical dots),
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Wi-Fi Calling, and
  5. Then tap the switch to turn it off.

How to view Bixby text call transcripts

The text call feature generates voice transcripts during use. Those transcripts that are generated when using it are stored in the Phone app. If you need to refer to past conversations, you can access the transcripts to read them.

  1. Navigate to and open the Phone app, and then tap the Recents tab.
  2. Calls that have used Bixby text call will have a speech bubble icon next to them. Select a call with this icon, and then tap the Info icon (the “i”).
  3. Tap the speech bubble icon next to the call to view the full transcript.
  4. To delete the transcript, tap Delete in the top right corner.

List of Samsung phones that support Bixby Text Call

You can use Bixby text call on supported Samsung phones
You can use Bixby text call only on supported Samsung phones.

This new feature is available for only higher end Samsung smartphones for now. These include the Galaxy S series, the Galaxy Z Fold series, the Galaxy Z Flip series, and Galaxy A series from A3x upwards e.g. Galaxy A33, A34, etc. Lower Galaxy A series phones like Galaxy A24 and A14 are not supported (yet).

I will definitely like to give this a try whenever I can get my hand on a supported smartphone to see how well it works. If it catches on with lots of Samsung users, it is likely that we will begin to see other smartphone brands develop a similar feature for their own devices.

Will non-Samsing smartphones ever get Bixby Text Call? I doubt it. This looks like one of those features that a phone company keeps strictly for its own users – a differentiating feature. As such, if you really want to be able to hold telephone conversations using text only, you do not have any option other than a Samsung phone for now. Bixby features are Samsung exclusives.

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