How To Cool Down Your Phone

Has your smartphone ever gotten so warm or hot that you ask, “How can I cool down my phone?” It is becoming a common problem, partly because smartphone companies are packing more powerful processors and more resource intensive functions into phones these days, and also partly because of what phone users do.

You can’t do anything about what smartphone companies include in their products, but you do have control over what you do with your phone and how you use it. So, we shall address the things that you can do to cool down your phone.

What To Do To Cool Down Your Phone When It Gets Too Hot

What To Do To Cool Down Your Phone When It Gets Too Warm

There are many possible causes and solutions for phone overheating. Here are some common ones and the steps you can take to cool down your phone for each:

Streaming video or gaming for prolonged periods of time can make your phone work harder and generate more heat. To avoid this, you can limit your usage of these activities, or pause them occasionally to let your phone cool down.

High screen brightness can also increase the temperature of your phone. You can lower the brightness of your screen, or enable auto-brightness to adjust it according to the ambient light.

Outdated apps or software can have bugs or glitches that make your phone use more energy and overheat. You can update your apps regularly, or uninstall the ones that you don’t use or trust.

Exposure to hot conditions or direct sunlight can raise the temperature of your phone and damage its components. You can keep your phone in a cool, shaded place, or use a fan to blow air on it.

Charging your phone on a soft surface can trap heat and prevent it from escaping. You can charge your phone on a hard, flat surface, or remove the case if you have one.

Using a protective case is a sure way to build up heat in your phone. This is especially so if you live and work in a tropical location or hot environment. For example, if you work in a factory or a bakery, where temperatures are high by default, using a case on your phone means it will get hot fast and often. I know you want to protect your phone from falls, but you are also now exposing it to the danger of heat. Maybe just ditch the case to cool down your phone.

Using your phone while charging it is another thing that will make your smartphone to warm up and in some cases overheat. When you have your phone plugged in to charge, it is advisable to put it down and let it rest as much as possible to avoid this.

Malware or viruses can infect your phone and make it run malicious processes that overheat it. You can install a reliable antivirus software on your phone, or perform a factory reset if you suspect a serious infection.

I hope these tips help you cool down your phone when it warms up considerably and also prevent overheating in the future, as you now know what causes it to.

There are a number of dangers to when your phone heats up. They include:

Reduced battery life: Excessive heat can degrade the battery capacity and shorten its lifespan. Simply put, your phone’s battery will degenerate faster.

Slowdown or shutdown: Your phone may slow down or shut down some features to prevent further overheating. Manufacturers build this into their phones as an emergency response to protect the phone.

Screen damage: The heat can cause the screen to malfunction, display incorrect colors, or crack.

Data loss or corruption: The heat can affect the memory chips and cause data loss or corruption.

Fire or explosion: In extreme cases, the heat can cause the battery to catch fire or explode. I am sure you have heard one story of the other of a smartphone that caught fire or exploded. It always starts with overheating. It is best to cool down your phone as fast as possible to avoid this danger to your wellbeing and life.

To a large extent, your usage patterns affect the temperature of your smartphone. Start being deliberate about how you handle it and you will get a better experience with it.

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