4 Common iPhone Problems And Their Solutions

Apple’s iPhones are some of the most popular smartphones in the world. Apple markets them as the best thing since sliced bread. Yet, behind all the marketing fluff, like all other electronics products, iPhones are beset with issues. These iPhone problems include both hardware and software. It is best to be aware of a product’s issues upfront, so you are not shocked and can also look for workarounds to them.

Most of these issues have to do with battery drain, wireless connectivity, and problems with the Touch ID or Face ID sensors.The iPhone problems listed on this page do not affect all models or units produced. For example, the issues being faced by one iPhone 14 user are sometimes not being experienced by another.

Here Are 5 Common iPhone Problems You Should Be Aware Of

List Of Some Common iPhone Problems And Issues

Some common issues reported with iPhone models include the following:

Battery drain:

This is a well documented issue with almost every iPhone model from the original iPhone in 2007 all the way to some iPhone 12 models. As a matter of fact, one popular banter that Android phone users throw at iPhone fans is that they never leave home without their chargers.

Thankfully, if you are buying any of the iPhone 14 models, you will find that battery drain is not so much an iPhone problem any more. Apple seems to have fixed whatever it was that was killing the batteries of older iPhone models. If you are buying any of those older models, prepare to deal with battery drain. Having owned the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 6S, I can confirm that their battery life was far from exceptional.

Wi-Fi Connectivity issues:

Some users have reported that their iPhones experience connectivity issues with Wi-Fi. One such issue that I have experienced is that of experiencing slower Internet when my iPhone is connected to the Home or office Wi-Fi. If you are experiencing this, the solution is to stay within a few meters of the router and not have any concrete walls between you.Nothing else works. Not even software updates.

Another iPhone problem that is similar to the Wi-Fi connectivity issue is a network issue when making voice calls on an iPhone. It feels and sounds like the phone struggles with the network and voice calls are often a less than stellar experience. I have experienced this so often that I could write a book on it. I have found no workaround; I just deal with it.

Touch ID/Face ID issues:

Some users have reported that their iPhone’s Touch ID or Face ID sensors are not working properly. I do not use Face ID, so I am unable to confirm this, but I do use Touch ID on my iPhone SE 2022, and sometimes, pressing it when the phone is locked does nothing. The screen won’t light up and unlock. A workaround is to press the power button first and then try the fingerprint recognition again. Sometimes, wiping my finger with a cloth helps.

Camera issues:

Another common iPhone problem that some users have reported is that of their iPhone’s camera not working properly. Personally, I have never experienced this issue with any of the iPhones I have owned. The cameras have worked well. But many other users are complaining about this, so it must be happening. If your iPhone’s camera app is misbehaving, a software update might help, or perhaps a soft reset of your phone.

The above are some of the most common iPhone problems and issues reported by users over the years. The industry statistics show that none of these are deal breakers for lovers of the iPhone, so it won’t prevent most of those who want an iPhone from buying it.

Just be prepared to either accommodate or find workarounds for those issues. With any luck, a software update from Apple will sort you out and keep you happy. And if it doesn’t, oh what the heck. You love your iPhone anyway.

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