Black Friday Cell Phone Deals: A Shopper’s Guide 2023

Every year, as the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers are packed away, a different kind of feast begins. It’s a day when shopping lists grow, savings soar, and the thrill of a bargain hunt is in the air. We’re talking about the ultimate shopping extravaganza that marks the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, which falls on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. It is a day when retailers across the country roll out massive discounts, enticing shoppers with unbeatable deals on a wide range of products.

Why is it called Black Friday? There are multiple stories of the history of the name. In the 1960s, Philadelphia city police began to call the day by that name because of the chaos that was the result of massive shopping sprees in the city on that day, and retailers later put a positive spin on the name. Today, Black Friday is a global shopping phenomenon.

Black Friday

The Origins

The roots of this special day can be traced back to Thanksgiving parades. Some retailers would host extravagant parades, signaling the start of the Christmas shopping season. This tradition was then adopted by other retailers. As the years went by, these parades became a shopping frenzy, and the term “Black Friday” came to be used by the police to describe the day of immense crowds and shopping chaos that resulted in severe human and vehicular traffic [1]. It was a headache for cops and city officials.

Over time, retailers were said to have decided to put a positive spin on it, saying the name is used to describe the day they moved “into the black,” signifying profitability for the year. There is nothing like good PR; right? Anyway, it looks like it worked.

What Deals to Expect

Black Friday is renowned for offering discounts on a wide array of products, from electronics and clothing to home appliances and more. Some of the most sought-after deals include:

Electronics: Shoppers can grab incredible discounts on smartphones, laptops, TVs, and other gadgets. Keep an eye out for the latest models at jaw-dropping prices.

Apparel: Fashionistas, rejoice! The deal brings substantial price cuts on clothing, shoes, and accessories, making it an ideal time to update your wardrobe.

Home Appliances: If you need a new fridge, washing machine, or kitchen gadget, this is the perfect time to make your purchase, with steep discounts available from multiple retailers.

Toys and Games: Parents can snag toys and games for their little ones at lower prices, ensuring smiles all around.

Beauty and Personal Care: Beauty products, fragrances, and skincare items are often on sale, helping you look and feel your best for less.

Travel Deals: Some travel companies offer discounted flights, hotels, and vacation packages, making it a good time to plan your next getaway.

Gift Cards: Gift cards are a popular Black Friday purchase, offering flexibility and often available at a discount.

Most deals fall below the 20% discount mark, but sometimes, some extremely juicy deals with up to 50% discount are available.

How to make the Most of Black Friday

Plan Ahead: Create a list of the items you want to buy and set a budget to avoid overspending.

Research: Check online ads and retailers’ websites to find the best deals. Many stores release their Black Friday ads in advance.

Compare Prices: Not all deals are created equal. Compare prices across different retailers to ensure you’re getting the best offer.

Online Shopping: With the rise of online shopping, you can skip the in-store crowds and find fantastic deals from the comfort of your home. Be sure to check for online exclusives.

Early Bird Gets the Worm: Some deals may be time-sensitive, so keep an eye out for early bird discounts and limited-time offers.

Use Apps and Tools: Utilize shopping apps and browser extensions that help you find coupons, track price changes, and compare deals.

Stay Safe: Be cautious of phishing scams and ensure you’re shopping from secure websites. Always use secure payment methods.

Read Reviews: Check product reviews to make informed decisions, especially when purchasing electronics or other high-value items.

When is Black Friday 2023?

Traditionally, “Black Friday” is the last Friday of November. In 2023, that’s 24 November. That means, in the United States, it always happens to land on the day following the Thanksgiving holiday. 

2023 Target Black Friday cell phone deals

Target has a number of deals for you this year. The Just Wireless 6′ TPU Type-C to USB-A Cable is going for $8.49, while the Just Wireless TPU Type-C to USB-A Cable has a discounted price tag of $5.60 for the 4ft cable, and $12.74 for the 10ft cable. But the cherry on the cake at Target are the Google Pixel Buds Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, which are going for $119.99, down all the way form $199.99.

2023 Black Friday Nokia deals

There are currently no available deals from Nokia. But we have our eyes on them and will keep you posted here should any deals come up.

2023 Black Friday Straight Talk phones

We do not have any special deals from Straight Talk for you yet, but we are looking.

2023 Motorola Deals

The Motorola RAZR 5G was 50% off on Amazon last year. That was an amazing deal. We are keeping our eyes open for any similar deals this year. Keep this page bookmarked and check back daily.


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