Best Phone Cases for Samsung S22 Ultra: Top 10 Picks In 2023

The Samsung S22 Ultra is an apex piece of technology. There are very few smartphones that offer a package as complete as it does. And it is expensive. Which is why your desire to protect it is understandable.

Of course, you are looking for the best possible protective case for your beloved smartphone. We did the homework for you and have our list of the best phone cases for Samsung S22 Ultra here for you. Let’s dive into it below.

Best Phone Cases for Samsung S22 Ultra

Caseology Nano Pop for Samsung S22 Ultra

The Caseology Nano Pop is the perfect blend of style and protection, without adding unnecessary bulk. It features iconic camera accents that address design concerns from previous Ultra models. With a bold and accented camera cover, it offers the look and feel of a proper camera module, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your Galaxy S22 Ultra. Available on Amazon for $17.

Casetify Impact Series for Samsung S22 Ultra

Casetify’s Impact Series offers a premium selection of custom cases, allowing you to choose unique designs or licensed options like the Millennium Falcon, Harry Potter, and more. Made from recycled materials, the Impact Series is rated to withstand 6-foot drops and offers a surprisingly good grip despite its smooth, flat-backed design. Prices start at $68 on Casetify.

Spigen Cryo Armor for Galaxy S22 Ultra

For gaming enthusiasts, the Spigen Cryo Armor case is an excellent choice. It efficiently keeps airflow up and temperatures down during intense gaming sessions, all without the need for liquid cooling or battery-draining fans. Additionally, it stays slim and adds extra grip to the four corners, ensuring a secure hold in landscape mode while playing Android games. You can pick one up on Amazon for $22.

i-Blason Cosmo Series for Samsung S22 Ultra

In partnership with i-Blason, the Cosmo Series is a heavy-duty case rated to withstand multiple 10-foot drops. Combining robust protection with a dainty design, it features a grippy and scratch-resistant outer shell with a clear surface that allows for various stylish patterns. With eight different colorways, this case perfectly complements your Galaxy S22 Ultra. Available on Amazon and i-Blason for $26.

Snakehive Vintage Wallet for Samsung S22 Ultra

For those seeking a functional and stylish wallet case, the Snakehive Vintage Wallet is an excellent option. Crafted with luxurious leather that feels premium in hand, it offers a magnetic clasp positioned below the buttons to avoid interference and keep the folio securely closed when not in use. Inside, you’ll find three card slots and a cash flap. Available on Amazon for $38.

UAG Civilian Series for Samsung S22 Ultra

The UAG Civilian Series strikes a balance between tactical durability and modern minimalism. With its honeycomb pattern lining, it can withstand impacts with ease while maintaining an understated profile. Available for $49.99 at carriers and stores.

OtterBox Commuter Series for Samsung S22 Ultra

If you want heavy-duty protection without going to the extreme, the OtterBox Commuter Series is an excellent choice. It offers impact resistance, grip, and port protection in a slimmer package. The dust flap keeps your USB-C port covered, and its slim design ensures easy wireless charging. Available on Amazon, OtterBox, and Best Buy for $40.

VRS Design Damda Glide Hybrid for Samsung S22 Ultra

For those in need of a versatile wallet case, the VRS Design Damda Glide Hybrid is a sturdy and impressive choice. It features a steel-accented card slide that ensures your cards remain secure and easily accessible. The built-in kickstand works both vertically and horizontally, adding to its functionality. Available on Amazon for $25.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro for Samsung S22 Ultra

In partnership with Supcase, the Unicorn Beetle Pro series offers robust protection against impacts of up to 20 feet. With two front frames, one with a built-in screen protector and one without, this case ensures maximum safety. It also comes with a practical kickstand that works in both vertical and horizontal orientations. Available on Amazon for $25.

ESR Metal Kickstand for Samsung S22 Ultra

Featuring a large screen, the ESR Metal Kickstand case is a valuable accessory, allowing you to prop your phone up for a comfortable viewing experience. Available in clear or black, the clear variant lets your Galaxy S22 Ultra’s colors shine through. With its compact kickstand, this case offers an affordable alternative to Samsung’s bulkier standing covers. Available on Amazon for $22.

Wrap Up

These top picks for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra cases provide a wide range of styles and functionalities, catering to various preferences and needs. Whether you prioritize style, protection, or multi-functionality, these cases are sure to enhance your smartphone experience.